18 In 1 Nourishing Intensive Treatment 1Ltr

$19.95 incl. gst

  1. Keep hair-colour looking vibrant
  2. Maintains adequate moisture in the hair
  3. Ensures instant hydration
  4. Stops split ends
  5. Returns hair glow
  6. Reinforces excellent stretchability
  7. Straightens curled hair
  8. Averts dehydration in coloured hair
  9. Decreases breaking in hair
  10. Shields the hair from UV ray attack
  11. Ensures maximum protection from chemical damage
  12. Restores elasticity
  13. Rejuvenate the hair cuticle
  14. Prevent environmental pollution from harming your hair
  15. Leaves colour treated hair moisturized
  16. Prevent hair breakage
  17. Keep hair safe from chemical treatment
  18. Improves hair tensile strength

Is the 18 in 1 Intensive Treatment Product for You?

  • One litre volume can sustain healthy hair care for long.
  • Fantastic ingredient such as Argan oil, which gives your hair the perfect touch.
  • The sweet coconut creme scent keeps the hair smelling nice all day.

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