ANDIS Master Magnetic Comb Set Dual Pack 0 & 1

$34.95 incl. gst

This master magnetic comb comes in a set of 2 combs, ideal for hair 1/16” and 1/8” long. This Andis magnetic comb set comes in purple colour. It is made from durable plastic material, which makes it lasts longer before needing replacement.

Andis master combs come fitted with a magnet. The Andis double magnetic guards means this comb does not come with the conventional clips found on most combs. The magnets work in place of the clip, and they retain their magnetism over time as they are formulated from a combination of durable earth alloys,

The Snap-on system means that on close contact with an Andis clipper, the comb latches onto the clipper, making the comb easy to attach and use. This system offers secure attachment, ensuring the comb does not get pulled off during barbing.

This comb is ideal for a series of Andis Master Clipper models, including; MBA, MC-2, ML, RACA, PM1, and PM4.

Key Features

Natural Earth alloy magnets
Snap-on mechanism: ensuring comb sticks to clipper on contact
Sizes 0, 1
The magnetic system does not lose magnetism over time
Durable plastic combs
Is This Product for you?

Improves the versatility of your Andis clippers, ensuring you cut more hair sizes
Improves clipper safety and barbing accuracy
Best for hair levelling and finishing.