BaByliss PRO Replacement GoldFX T-Blade Deep Tooth – FX707G2

$54.95 incl. gst

The BaBylissPRO Replacement Outliner Hair Trimmer Blade Gold FX707G2 is designed to be used on all BaBylissPRO Lithium Hair Trimmers FX787 Models. This adjustable, zero gapped, T-blade is perfectly honed for precision and detailed work whilst the standard tooth design makes this the perfect in-between blade for edge-ups and removing bulk. Great for all hair textures. DLC Titanium coating.

Fits All FX707 Models
Titanium 2.0 mm Deep Tooth
DLC Titanium coating: helps the blade maintain a smooth movement for longer
The coating prevents the blade from getting too hot during multiple haircuts
To Remove The Blade: Turn the trimmer to OFF position. Remove two long screws from the fixed blade. Once removed, the full blade setup should detach from the unit. To Replace The Blade: Insert blade block into housing and align blade cushion with the shaft. Insert and tighten both long screws

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