Double Sided Barber Sponge With Holes And Spikes

$7.95 incl. gst

Magic Barber Sponge !

Get a barber’s great look all by yourself by creating fresh twists in your hair within minutes! Have the the freshest hair around – usable on long or short hair.

  • For Twists, Dreads, Coils !
  • Stronger Grip !
  • Newest sponge brush out !

Hair sponges work by firmly but gently rubbing the sponge on your hair using a circular motion to create twists, curls, or coils. The holes in the sponge, coupled with your hand movement, create small twist within the hair. Using the hair sponge to create these twists is much faster than if you were doing it by hand. The sponge works the best on slightly damp hair. You can apply your favorite hair cream, gel or water to your hair before you use the hair sponge.