Luis Bien Beard Care Serum – 20ml

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Beard Care Serum

For Stronger and Well-Groomed Beard

Luis Bien Beard Care Serum is specially developed to repair sparse, weak and lifeless beards and give them a healthy and bright appearance. Its content, developed with natural oils, vitamins and natural extracts, helps to maintain the moisture balance by feeding the beard, beard roots and skin under the beard. It promotes bright appearance and rapid growth of beards. With Luis Bien Beard Care Serum, the most effective beard serum with high customer satisfaction, you can achieve strong and thicker beards.

What Does Beard Care Serum Do?

Beard Care Serum helps nourish the beard and mustache roots with the natural extracts, oils and vitamins it contains. The serum, which cares for the beard daily with its nourishing content, provides the moisture balance of the skin and gives the beards a bright and healthy appearance. It nourishes the roots deeply and accelerates the beard growth. It gives your beards a fuller and thicker appearance. For the most effective results, it is recommended to use it with blue beard serum that also provides faster beard formation. Revitalized beard roots begin to grow rapidly growing beards with green serum. For your beard care routine, it is recommended to apply blue serum for 1 day and green serum for 1 day. There is 20 ml product in the box.