Luis Bien Hair Fiber Thickener Spray 100ml – Black

$16.95 incl. gst

Hair Thickener Spray: instantly provides a thicker and fuller appearance to thinning hair, resulting in the hair looking more revitalized. Dyes grey hair temporarily until first shampoo wash. The dry formula is durable under all conditions yet removes with shampoo. Enriched formula with Ginseng Extract and Provitamin B5.
Usage: Shake well before use. Apply only to clean and dry hair by spraying in circular motions from 10-15cm distance. Blow dry and style gently with brush or comb. Do not touch during the first 10 minutes. Reapply if necessary after initial spray has dried completely. 
Perfect Formula to fill all gaps for thin hair!!!
  • Great Result.
  • Waterproof Dry Formula.
  • Easy Washable.