Wahl 8-Pack Premium Cutting Guides+Try

$64.95 incl. gst

The WAHL Cutting Guides were designed for use with WAHL Professional full-sized clippers (excludes detachable blade clippers). The range of cutting guide sizes allows for precision fades and dependable results.

The cutting guides fit securely to the clipper head, and feature ballpoint tips for smooth and easy cutting. The glass and mineral-filled plastic material ensures that the guides will glide seamlessly through hair. The carrying caddie provides convenient storage and portability.

Includes 8 cutting guides. Clipper not included.

Guide Sizes:

#1 1/8″ (3.0mm)

#2 1/4″ 6.0mm)

#3 3/8″ (10.0mm)

#4 1/2″ (13.0mm)

#5 5/8″ (16.00mm)

# 6 3/4″ (19.00mm)

#7 7/8″ (22.0mm)

#8 1″(25.0mm)

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