Wahl Premium Attachments 3Pk

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Wahl Premium Attachments 3Pk is a pack of clipper attachment guide combs with three pieces inside. The pieces are of the 1/2 (1.5mm), 1 (3mm), and 1 1/2 (4.5mm) sizes and are suitable as guides for various hair lengths. Their combs are designed rounded to aid smoothness and ease of movement when making a pass.

The premium Attachments combs are designed to last longer than the average combs as they are made with glass and mineral-filled plastic. Not only is it more durable, but it also moves smoothly in the process of use. This gives the client a wonderful haircut experience, as the service would be both painless and injury-free. It is a pack filled with reliable attachment guide combs that deliver professional results usually demanded by expert barbers.

It is a set of genuine Wahl attachment guide combs that fits all Wahl clippers, from Super Taper, Sterling 4, Taper 2000, Icon, Legend, to the Super Taper Cordless. It functions on fine hair just as well as thick hair.

Key Features

The three pieces in the pack are; 1/2 (1.5mm), 1 (3mm), and 1 1/2 (4.5mm)
They have been designed to deliver the sharp performance that Professional barbers need
The secure fit technology ensures that the combs will fit the clipper for a long time
Possesses rounded comb teeth that provide a pleasant cutting experience to the customers
To enable the guide to easily glide through the hair giving the client a smooth cutting experience, glass, and mineral-filled plastic were used
Perfectly designed to fit all Wahl® professional clippers, including Super Taper, Sterling 4, Taper 2000, Icon, Legend etc.
Is the Wahl Premium Attachments 3Pk for You?

These attachments are designed to last long as the clippers, which speaks a lot for their durability
These 3 pieces kit can fit all Wahl clippers from the Taper 2000 to the Legend
The design of the combs (from the material composition to the rounded teeth structure) is geared towards comfort and ease of use.